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Adaptive Cloud Security Webinar - Enduser Protection

EDR, XDR & ZTNA - What is it and how can I sell it?


XDR solutions are increasingly popular as organizations recognize the inefficiencies, and in many cases ineffectiveness, of security infrastructures comprised of many individual “best-of-breed” security products deployed from different vendors over time. Common challenges arising from this point-product approach include:

  • Gaps in security: with each product operating in its own silo, opportunities often arise for cyberattacks to enter in between
  • Too much security information: with each product generating individual alerts and other information, security teams can easily miss indicators of cyberattacks
  • Uncoordinated response: with each product operating independently, it falls on the human operator to share information and coordinate response actions 

Based on these experiences, many organizations are looking to consolidate security vendors and products in favor of integrated solution sets.

Learn more about the solutions Fortinet is offering in this area, which solution fits your customer and how to sell it. This live presentation will be a mix between technical and sales information. 

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