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2 – Cloud Security Technical Fundamentals

Learn the basics about Fortinet integration in the public cloud. This webinar is for Swiss partners who are interested in how Fortinet secures the workload in the public cloud. The focus is on technical people who already have or are in the process of gaining public cloud expertise. The primary focus of this webinar is Azure, but the content can easily be adapted to other providers.


We'll share how you can help your customers maintain a consistent security posture between your customers' Datacenter and the Cloud. How to protect applications on the Cloud with solutions such as next-generation FortiGate-VM firewalls, FortiCWP for cloud platform security and FortiWeb for protecting web applications & APIs (available as VM, container and SaaS on Azure). Fortinet is the only provider to offer such a wide range of integrated cloud security products.


1 - The challenges shared security model & Fortinet's approach for cloud security

2 - Use cases      

3 - Building blocks

4 - FortiGate active-passive/Active-active deployment & templates

5 – Connectivity & Azure

6 - Q & A

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