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vSphere+/vSan+ Partner Bootcamp

Accelerate your cloud transformation without disrupting business-critical apps

Enterprises prefer running many of their workloads in traditional, on-premises data centers due to better economics, latency-sensitivity, data privacy or sovereignty, regulatory compliance and the technical complexities of refactoring and migration.

These workloads can be enhanced by cloud services.



9.00 a.m. Welcome/Intro
9.15 a.m. Partner Overview
10.15 a.m. Coffee Break
10.45 a.m.  Technical Overview
11.45 a.m. Hands-on Lab
12.30 p.m.  Lunch


Please note: This is a reservation for the training. You will receive a definitive confirmation in a few days.


vSphere+ Benefits that Help You Go Faster

1. Supercharge Productivity with Admin Services
Enhance operational efficiency by centralizing management and governance through the Cloud Console with cloud enabled automation.

2. Accelerate Innovation with Developer Services
Transform existing virtual infrastructure into an enterpriseready, self-service Kubernetes platform with an integrated management toolset.

3. Transform On-premises Infrastructure with Cloud Integration
Get benefits of the cloud with new hybrid services and enhance existing vSphere deployments in place, without disrupting your workloads and hosts.

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