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Tech & Snack - FortiDeceptor

It’s on! In spring 2022 we are launching Tech & Snack – a Series of Technical Sessions in cooperation with Fortinet. Via Live Demos and Hands-on Labs, attendees will get exclusive insights into chosen Fortinet solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity, it will combine “Tech” with a nice “Snack”!


As a kick-off, Fortinet will present FortiDeceptor, which lures external and internal attackers into a mock network in order to expose and eliminate them early enough. This technology is based on Deception Lures and various Decoy Options, ranging from small “fake” PDF-Files up to whole “fake” Surfaces (e.g. Windows or Linux).


By means of a Live Demo, an Attack on Hospital Data (i.e. X-Rays) will be simulated. Moreover, this attack will be annihilated through specific Medic- and Camera-Decoys. On top of that, by participating in an optional Hands-on Lab, attendees are invited to test FortiDeceptor by themselves! And don’t worry, the provided snacks are no deception ;)

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